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Dear Ashley: I am a friend of your Grandmother's on the ASAP group. You are a beautiful young lady.I am sure your parents and grandparents are very proud of you! Your Grandmother (Pam) is a wonderful person so I'm sure you are too as this seems to run in families. Thanks for letting me visit your web sight.......Sincerely......Mike Caldwell.....Brentwood,Tennessee Mike Caldwell Brentwood, TN USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley, I live in Mississippi and have a 7 year old granddaugther. I'm saving your site so she can check out your play ground when she comes to stay with me tomorrow nite. You are a little darlin. Tell grandma I said Hi. Be good and take care. Rhonda~n~MS Rhonda~n~MS Jackson, MS USA - 7/22/02

Nice site, Keep up the good work! Have fun with the internet, but always be careful if you go to chatrooms. Dan Hancock Michigan State Police Metro Dispatch Post 22 Detroit, MI Dan Hancock Dearborn, MI USA - 7/22/02

this is a very cool site. i am very impressed with what you have done, and will check back again. i work for the kissimmee police dept. stay safe robyn kissimmee, fl USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley, Wow, what a beautiful web site! I especially enjoyed the music. Best Wishes, Tommy Tommy Perkins Elizabeth City, NC USA - 7/22/02

A beautiful site for a beautiful young lady. Wish I knowledge to make a web page as good as yours but I did win at checkers. You and mamie keep up the good work, I'm sure you're going to win a lot of awards with this web page. Keep that smile. Deputy Dennis Wesley Beulah, MI USA - 7/22/02

This is a lovely site...Thank you for sharing it! Bev Rhodes USA - 7/22/02

Aloha, Ashley. I'm a former Honolulu Police Officer, now a Private Investigator in Hawai'i. I think your web site is way cool. I especially like the poem section. You can check out my web site if you like, and see a picture of Bubba, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I bet you would really like him, cause he licks you all over your face and really loves everyone. You keep on being a cutie and stay well. Oh yes, remember to eat your fruits and vegetables ...... ha ha Aloha, malama pono (Hawaiian for "goodby and take care of yourself") Sean seanross@lava.net Hawai'i Sean Ross Kane'ohe, HI USA - 7/22/02

Howdy from Texas pretty girl. Hugs Scarlett RAOK Scarlett Tx USA - 7/22/02

Ashley, I was very impressed with your website. The anima- tions page was particularly neat. You have done a very good job. You stay sweet. Terry M. Green / Captain / Texas Dept of Criminal Justice / Huntsville, Texas Terry M. Green Huntsville, Tx USA - 7/22/02

Hello Ashley. You have a nice web page and I know you will add more to it. I wanted stop in and say hello. I'm a police officer here in the state of Georgia. Stay Safe. I'll make another visit to your page soon. Jim "sixpoints" Cullinan Augusta, GA USA - 7/22/02

My sister and I loved your site. Colby Tampa, Fl USA - 7/22/02

I liked your poem!! You did a good job on your web site! Randy Chicago, IL Mars - 7/22/02

Hello Miss Ashley I wonder if you are as beautiful as your web pages are? You've done such a great job! Best wishes from your friend in Australia Sheldon Healthcare Security Officer Sutherland Hospital N.S.W Sheldon Price Oak Flats, NSW Australia - 7/22/02

Just wanted to say hi. Ptl Don Mollohan Badge # 73 Cleveland , OH USA - 7/22/02

What a wonderful site !!!! Zack <10-33@copscops.com> Washington, DC USA - 7/22/02

Hello Ashley Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how lovely your web page is :) You must be a very good student in order to have such a page girl :) Keep up the good work ok :) Lt. Rj. Thibodeaux Abbeville, la USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley, My daughters name is Ashley too and she is my little angel. You site is really nice and you are very pretty little girl. I am a Police Officer and work with children in my position everyday and find it extremely rewarding. Glad to take this opportunity to sign your guestbook. Thanks TJ TJ Lynnwood, WA USA - 7/22/02

hi Ashley! you have a pretty cool web page - i really like the pink background - pink is my favorite color!!! your grandma pam asked that i say hi to you!! love from southern california! cherie cherie ontario, ca USA - 7/22/02

make sure that you are a good girl!!! SANTA CLAUSE USA - 7/22/02

You are one very talented little girl. I'll stop back in the future and see how you page is coming along. I was a Deputy in Florida but my current assignment in the Marine Corps has made me have to put my Law enforcement career on hold until March next year. Keep up the talented work on you web page. I'll stop by again soon. Richie Gorton Havelock, NC USA - 7/22/02

Ashley great web site, keep it up! You will be one of those web people like Bill Gates Jay Jay Fleming Bullhead City , AZ USA - 7/22/02

You are a beautiful girl ashley, keep smiling! Tracy Workman Grangeville, ID USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley! What a pretty and fun web site you have! I especially like your animations page. :-) I'm a lawyer in Los Angeles. It's a real fun job. Maybe, when you grow up, you'll decide to become a lawyer, too. :-) Cheri Deputy District Attorney Los Angeles, CA Cheri Los Angeles, CA USA - 7/22/02

Very nice website, My daughter Fallon ,who is also 5, likes your site too. Rich Frawley Milford , CT USA - 7/22/02

This is a very cute sight. I enjoyed it! Crys WA USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley. Very nice web site. I sent you an e-mail too. Hope you are having a fun summer. Marc Marc Wolf USA - 7/22/02

Greetings from the Netherlands. Okay, Mom get the atlas out and find the Netherlands. Kevin My web site is about US Air Force Police that were stationed at Soesterberg Air Base, Netherlands. I have another that also has some of the jets that were assigned there: http://sites.netscape.net/soesterberg32nd Wolfhoundcop Soesterberg, Netherlands - 7/22/02

Ashley: This is a COOL site!! I am not a police officer, but some of my family is in law enforcement, and I grew up around the police. I was a Captain in the Police Explorers at one time also. I loved playing your checkers game, even though I lost! Keep up the good work. I'll bookmark your page and tell my friends about it. Take care!! Veronica ("Pepe Le Pew") Veronica ("Pepe Le Pew") San Diego , CA USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashely: Your web page is wonderful. Just like you are! Thank you so much for sharing a little corner of your world with me. I know that I am smiling from ear to ear looking at your coloring, and your Pooh pages, and listening to your music. Stay sweet ~ Seal Seal Portland, OR USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley!! I like your web site very much and your picture is very sweet. I hope you have lots of new people signing your guestbook every day!! Forrest Joyner Kirksville, MO USA - 7/22/02

Hi. Your grandmother told my mother about your website - so we visited! It's a beautiful site and you should be very proud of it! My mom is a police officer in Annapolis, Maryland. EmmaLee Higgs Annapolis, MD USA - 7/22/02

You have a wonderful web page, I will let my daughters come in and visit.....Have a nice day . Officer Amy Hochberg-Paules Coaldale, PA USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley, Your site is just beautiful but not as beautiful as you are with your lovely hair and shining smile. I loved your site. I hope you are having a wonderful, fun summer! RiRi CT USA - 7/22/02

You are a Lovely young Lady and we can tell that you are Very Well Loved! Steve and Marcia <13piper13@bigfoot.com> USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley. You are so pretty. I love Winnie the Pooh too. Have a really good day sweetie. pickles USA - 7/22/02

Say HI to your grandma for me when she comes to visit!! Louise MI USA - 7/22/02

What a lovely website...I'm a friend of your Grandmother's, and she told me you had a great website that I should visit, and that she has two lovely granddaughters. She was right. Have a wonderful weekend, Pat Patricia Rishel Los Angeles, CA USA - 7/22/02

Hi Ashley! My Goodness! What a Beautiful Website! Almost as Beautiful as YOU!!!!Thank you for letting me sign your Guestbook!Bye! Mel Olevia Owens DFW Area, Tx USA - 7/22/02

Ashley I love your site. And I have some little friends who are really going to have a good time coloring and playing games. You are a very sweet little girl and beautiful, I might add. Thank you so much for making other little girls and boys happy by having somewhere they can go too. Be a good girl and I will be watching as your site continues to unfold. Jackie Norfolk, NE USA - 7/22/02

Dear Friends and Family of Ashley, If anyone has a poem, or a picture, or a wav or midi file they would like to share with Ashley on the Net, please forward it to my email so that I can post it to her website. Any contributions to brighten her day, will be most graciously accepted!!! Mamie Charlottesville, VA USA - 7/18/02

A most enchanting web site indeed. I find it full of good information and very comfortable to spend a lot of time here. We at Light Mission extend a very grateful appreciation that you are here for others to "See The Light". "Once you have opened that door and experienced that grace, once you have had that experience, the door never quite closes again!" -- Anne Shulgin (Mindstates Conference) Prof E. J. Light Light Mission, LM USA - 7/18/02

Hi Sweetheart! Nane' from Connecticut here! You are sooooo beautiful and I love you so much. I can't wait to come to Florid and see you and bring you, Lexxy and mommy and daddy back with me. I MISS YOU!!!! LOVE GRAMMY (Nane') Grammy from CT East Hartford, CT USA - 7/17/02

You are such a lovely young lady, with a beautiful smile. Take Care...~smile~ AudreyLynnn VA USA - 7/15/02

A beautiful page for a beautiful little girl :-) Ginger USA - 7/15/02

What a beautiful little girl you are and so lucky to have such a lovely Mum...Be good now hehehe Bernice MUDDA Townsville, Australia - 7/15/02

u have a wonderful page ashley! my grandaughters are 7, 4, and 8 months and they all say hello ashley!!!!! big hug! and i love the music of the backstreet boys! catballou brownwood, tx USA - 7/13/02

Hi Ashley. Auntie Cindy here! Your grandmother did a great job with your homepage. I will pick you up again real soon so we can go to the park. I love you. Love Aunt Cindy Cindy orlando, fl USA - 7/13/02

Ashley, When are you coming to our house? The boats are still waiting for you to go on a long ride. Write soon. Love, Aunt Ruth Aunt Ruth Mamie's House , Va. USA - 7/12/02

ashley darlin, mamie has done a wonderful job, ur site is great.... lots of love love mommy mommy orlando, fl USA - 7/12/02

Hi Ashley, I would like to see you sometime soon, can you arrange that? Love you a whole bunch. Aunt Gretchen Gretchen (your Aunt) Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA - 7/12/02

Keep sending me pictures, Ashley, and I'll post them when I can! Tell me what you would like to see here, and I'll do what I can to make it happen.... Mamie loves you to the Moon and Back!!!! Smoochies.. Darlin.. :) Mamie VA USA - 7/12/02

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